Why Dough Connection?

A study, made by Mark Pesaturo, of restaurants offering pizza indicated that the dough manufacturing process in most restaurants is really ‘hit or miss’. There are two reasons for this... The first is the variability in the ingredients used to produce the dough while the second is the staff used in the dough’s production. The selection of the ingredients is usually determined by the restaurant’s supplier with the restaurant looking for the ‘lowest’ purchasing cost. The employee issue is as serious a defect.Usually the dough manufacture is passed off to poorly trained individuals who have a multitude of duties in addition to the manufacture of the dough. The result is that the restaurant’s customers get a mediocre product which varies with every visit to the pizzeria.

By using ‘The Dough Connection’ the restaurant can be assured of a high quality, consistent product at a fair price. The reasons again boil down to ingredients and manpower. At ‘The Dough Connection’ only the top ingredients in its class are used. While this is important for certain religious persuasions, it assures that only premium ingredients are being used. Also, the staff has a single focus... ‘produce a consistent product’ each and every time using the state of the art machinery. Finally, the pricing is very competitive with that of the restaurant producing the dough on their own due to the volume pricing discounts ‘The Dough Connection is able to get on the ingredients used with the savings passed on to their customers.

All new customers are entitled to free samples and instructional training on all of our products. Mark will make a personal visit to your shop and share with you his over 30 years of experience in the proper use of dough in your products. Whether it is the handling, kneading, or shaping of your dough...
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