“The Dough Connection” was established in 1996 by Mark Pesaturo and has been a ‘family owned’ business since that time. Mark has been involved in Dough manufacture since he was 11 years old working in his father's pizza restaurant. To say that ‘Dough’ is his passion would be an understatement. Just spend five minutes with him and you come away with the feeling that ‘this is the most important product’ in the universe. He puts this focus into every ounce of product that leaves the factory. Quality, consistency, fair pricing, and service are what’s made this growing enterprise the premier company of it’s type. He’s in the factory every day making sure that his stable, highly trained workforce are taking ‘no shortcuts’ in the manufacturing cycle.

Having a top quality product is only half the story. The other half is ‘service’. Meeting the timely client needs on a daily basis is a ‘given’... but what happens if a customer gets an unexpected large order and needs an ‘emergency’ delivery. They can be assured that their needs will be met by the ‘Dough Connection’s Fast Response Team’.

The Truck Fleet is always ‘Ready to Go’
32 A Holton Street, Woburn, MA 01801             Phone: 1-877-MYDOUGH (693-6844)          Fax: 781-932-0816         [email protected]